To the Best of my knowledge the best way to earn money is Google Adsense. You can earn upto Rs. 46,000/-. But How to Earn Money from Google ? First of All you have to Create a Website. If you don't have a Website, don't worry create a free website from here. After getting approved from google. you have to just paste some html code into your web page & you are ready to deliver ads of Google.AdSense for content automatically check the content of the pages of site and delivers ads related to the content. You can display text ads, image ads or both.

AdSense for search allows website publishers to provide Google web and site search to their visitors, and to earn money by displaying Google ads on the search res

ults pages.



Refferals:- At basic adsense publisher you will find refferal of google adsense, google adword, mozilla firfox etc.


For example When a publisher who signed up for Google AdSense through your referral earns $5.00 within 180 days of sign-up, you will be credited with $5.00. When that same publisher earns $100.00 within 180 days of sign-up and is eligible for payout, you will be credited with an additional $250.00. If, in any 180 day period, you refer 25 publishers who each earn more than $100.00 and are all eligible for payout, you will be awarded a $2,000.00 bonus. * Where do the adds come from.


Placement of Ads:- You can paste the codes at the differenet location but in the image you can see dark orange. It show it is the best place where to put ads & earn more clicks. The light orange is also good position for placing an Add.




Where the ads comes from:-



With Google's extensive AdWords advertiser base, we have ads for just about all categories of businesses and for practically all types of content, no matter how specialized.
Google technology matches the most relevant and highest performing AdWords ads to your website. And since Google provides the ads, you don't have to worry about maintaining advertiser relationships.



How do I get paid?



You get paid whenever someone on your site clicks on one of the AdSense ads. Advertisers can also bid to appear on your site on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Both CPC and CPM bids compete in our AdWords program to ensure that you optimize your ad revenue.Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)We have an EFT payment system available in a number of countries, which will help get your AdSense earnings delivered directly to your bank account every month without any additional effort.How much do I get paid?How much you earn depends on a number of factors including how much an advertiser bids on your site -- you'll receive a portion of what the advertiser pays .The best way to find out how much you'll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages.
But please be patient It sounds good that u will earn lots of money from it. But you have to think, hard work on your site then only you will get the result of it.
Main thing in this program is patience because in the starting people  not getting more money and get disappointed & they leave this program so be patience & work on your site. Your all dream will come true. Best of Luck



Benefits of AdSense



One of the most impressive advantages of AdSense is that Google has a huge database of advertisers that are looking for space. Because of this huge base of advertisers, AdSense can provide you with a steady stream of advertisers that can match just about any type of content that you can think of. Advertisers are segregated based on product, service, geography, and company size. This helps to both provide local advertisement opportunities to companies, as well as provide your site with relevant content.



Another no cost benefit that AdSense offers is the use of their Google search box technology. You can add this feature to your website, which will encourage visitors to stay at your website longer, and it will encourage them to return to your site. You can even earn money from this technology. When a visitor enters a keyword or keywords the results appear in a box at the top of your web page. You earn money for every ad that they click on that was generated from their search.


In addition to these benefits you also are able to control what kinds of ads that you want displayed on your website. You can filter out ads from specific company genres, and you can also filter out companies that compete with what you are trying to sell. You can also design the look of the ads that are displayed on your website. You can choose their color pallet, layout, and size of the ads that are displayed, and where they appear on your website. Finally, you can customize your AdSense to run on only certain pages of your website. All of these options allow you to stay in control of how AdSense is displayed to your customers.

You can calculate how much you can earn money from Google Adsense:-


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